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AMULET. Who are we?
We are a virtual design studio and art gallery, offering non-traditional art work of various techniques (watercolour, ink, pencil, photography, collages from metal scraps and bits of precious metal and computer graphics).
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For your convenience, all products are divided into categories. The filters by colour and keywords will help you to find the best art piece that suits your needs. If you are interested in something cheaper, you may want to try the SALES button. If you are looking for something more specific, please use the SEARCH function.
Many art pieces are assigned to certain collections, which will also help you to make the better choice. In the information bar about the art piece on the right side below "From" the link is provided.  By pressing the icon, you will open all art pieces of the collection.
Randomly displayed related art pieces under the headaline "You may also like" might come up with unexpected and surprising results. By hitting the grey arrows on the left and on the right, you can open 4 more suggestions or go back to the previous ones.
Most of our pieces have interesting story behind. If you want to learn more about the particular art work, please hit the "Related link".  There you will find the information about the origins of the art piece or an interesting story.
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Please bear in mind, that if an art piece needs to be shipped, the shipping to your provided address price will be calculated automatically. If the product does not require shipping (digital format), you will receive the email, within two working days after the payment is made, with the link where to download the file and the password to open the file.

In case you havenā€˜t received the file due to the system failure or our error, we will send your money back.


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